What People Say About James’s Delightful Entertainment

James was on fire tonight! He brought the house down. The audience adored him. A wonderful entertainer.” Chris Wood

Organiser, The Close Up Magic Show

“Dear James, I thought your show last night was a riot! Absolutely hilarious!

You reminded me of the late, great Tommy Cooper except your tricks worked and were astonishing! So perhaps Tommy Cooper mixed with Paul Daniels with a bit of Dynamo thrown in.

You’re the BEST comedy magician in Surrey.” * 

Sue Townsend


“Dear James, Thank you so much for performing at my birthday party last night. I’ve heard some really enthusiastic comments from my friends about your magic. (Just how did you turn blank cards into playing cards before our very eyes??!)



It’s the way you do it and interact with the audience. Look at lovely James Fortune last night. He was by far the most entertaining act on the stage. I know it was not a competition but James was our winner by far. The two non-magicians I was with could not believe how good he was on stage.” Nic Picot


Nice to see you last Friday and may I congratulate you on your show. It was excellent. Your style is very mature and you engage very much with your audience in the way that Bruce Forsyth and Michael Barrymore used to sell themselves. It comes across with a casual informality that looks ad lib (some of which it is) and it makes your magic presentation very engaging. (Unlike a lot of magicians today….you entertain.) My congratulations. John Derris

Fellow Magician, The Close Up Magic Show

Thank you James, you were hilarious.

I don’t know how you did any of it.

It was wonderful – in fact I will go as far as saying it was … PERFECT! Lily Paisley


“The star of the evening was James Fortune. His hilarious banter and tricks were wonderful and so well received by every table. More importantly … a wonderful man.

As an experienced toastmaster, I can thoroughly recommend James for your next event. I promise you, you will not be disappointed.” Barry Smith


Dear James, I had to write to you to thank you SO MUCH for the superb and very magical entertainment you supplied to our daughters 40th birthday party. Although it was a small party and we are all mad, you fitted in perfectly and really made the party go with a bang!. We are just so grateful to you. 🙂 Mike Prendergast


“James was an absolute pleasure to work with.

He was extremely flexible and reassuring when it came to giving us the show we wanted.

He was a real crowd pleaser and everyone loved it.

Excellent value for money as well.” Lindsay Scott

Chief Executive, Matrix Law Chambers, London

“For the record, James was, once again, utterly fantastic. Exactly on time, happy to over-run, and a complete professional.” Jeff McMullen


“We have used James for many years now and he has NEVER failed us. Indeed, I can easily justify any fee he asks for in the many benefits to our company his hilarious entertainment provides.

I can thoroughly recommend James to any business wanting to make their corporate events go with a bang!” Ashley Herman

Chairman, Encore Tickets PLC

“Hi James,

It was so wonderful having you over here in Las Vegas recently. You were absolutely hilarious and your magic is very strong.

Your audiences were delighted to be entertained by a Brit and one so affable and great.

Love ya bud!” Steve Dacri

Booker, Las Vegas

“James was the life and soul of our event. There is no other way of putting it. Thank you for all the work you put in. We will definitely be using you again soon.” Stephen Bennett

Managing Director, Summit Computing Ltd

“You’re Fabulous!

Dad showed me the links to some videos of you on YouTube yesterday. My colleagues and I were in stitches!

Such a brilliant act and we’d all love to see you again soon” Edward Nichols


“Such fun!” Miranda

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