Recently I was invited to entertain the Army. More specifically, the Army Training Centre (ATC) in Pirbright.

Every month, the Corporals who train the new recruits have a meeting and after that, some entertainment is provided.

A few days ago, it was my turn and I was asked to put on my Comedy Cabaret for the soldiers who fully admit they are a tough audience.

The man in charge of the NCO’s Mess said to me when I arrived, “You better be good”. After the show, he came up to me again and said with a smile, “Well done, they thoroughly enjoyed it. At least, no-one walked out!” I gather walking out or booing you off the stage is something they do if they are not impressed by the entertainment.

Other comments I received were “You kept us fully entertained for an hour and a half!”, “Briiant fun!”, “It was a hilarious show. We loved it”, “You are the best show we’ve had in a long time. Well done” “Afterwards, everyone was saying ‘where did the bowling ball come from? What happened to the banana? How did that fizzy Coca Cola trick work. The final snowstorm was such a great emotional ending”

Phew! I obviously pleased them. Woo hoo!